Mork hevn av regnbuebroen Picture

Norwegian for Dark Revenge of the Rainbow Bridge {I am not fluent in it, so I probably made a mistake, forgive me}. Pencil, OC, and IPhoto.

This is my version of how I think the adult Heimdall might look, scar and all. I liked how his chest turned out too much to cover it with a shirt. I know the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, probably looks like crap, but I couldn't find any pictures of it, so I did my best.

On his wrist is his horn, Gjallar, to signal the coming of the frost giants and Ragnarok. This is just my knowledge of Norse Mythology, not from the series "Mythical Detective Loki." I have yet to see it, but that Heimdall is also this one, just in adult form.

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Heimdall is the property of Sakura Kinoshita.
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