Vector Art Character Design: Mastema Picture

I have no workshop so I haven't been able to work on my dolls, but that doesn't mean my head hurts any less than usual, so I still need things to do while lying down and waiting for the agony to subside. Thanks to the wonders of iPads and the vector art program iDraw (hope they appreciate that plug), I have been using my horizontal time to create vector art character designs for my comic! Now I am sharing them with you. One at a time, every other day for the next week or two? That's the plan, at least.

Speaking of migraines... This is Mastema. He is the physical manifestation of my migraine for the purposes of my comic and me having something to shout at. I know, he's too cute to be the root of all my worldly suffering, but I can't help it! Cute just happens when I make things.

Mythology geekism! All the named angel/demon characters for my Personal Demons comic are based on characters from mythology- I am focusing on the Abrahamic religions, but certainly all mythologies are welcome. They are all re-interpretations, with bits borrowed from the big texts considered religious cannon, bits from back when demonology was trendy, and bits from popular culture that was never intended as mythology but has become so anyway (like Faust and the Devine Comedy) and a lot from my personal associations with what the demons represent to me. So before anyone gets nit-picky or offended, know I'm not taking any of this too seriously. I just love geeking out on mythology and history and I kind of love research. Feel free to bring any obscure knowledge you might have on the subject to the table! If you want to do research of your own or check out my sources, I would recommend [link] who do a really thorough job and give you direct citing from the texts!

Mastema is a spirit portrayed in a variety of Abrahamic texts, usually as a kind of dickish angel who hates people, thinks they're evil, and likes to punish them and lead them astray. He can be interpreted as Satan himself, but I'm straying away from that and sticking to dickish angel. Why I chose to make him an angel and not a demon will hopefully become clearer when the comic kicks off. I plan to make him twice as tall as all the other characters and will be working on a new ball joint system to make him fully posable while still a giant metal monstrosity (with tiny ineffectual angel wings).

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