Mimir's Well - page 1 (colour) Picture

Re-uploaded in colour. Man, I am on a roll! Not the best colouring in the world, but on par with my current skills. I'M fairly pleased with it.

Mimir's Well, page 1. Evee, messing around with something she should really be more careful with.

A "scrying mirror" is something a magic user would use to look at something in the past, future, or somewhere else in the present. NOT a toy.

In Norse mythology, "Mimir" is the giant who guards the Well of the Highest Wisdom. Odin traded one of his own eyes for a drink from this well. The name "Mimir" is also applied to a lesser god whose *disembodied* head speaks the purest wisdom. Sometimes they get it mixed up, and it's the head who guards the well. Or something akin to that.
You can check it for yourself here: [link] . Just look under "M" in the sidebar to find the name.

Why did I decide to call the comic that? I'd say wait to find out, but you'll forget by then. Basically, there's this store that offers supplies, services and advice on all things magical in nature. I thought it was a neat name for it, and I have a total thing for Norse mythology.

Mimir's Well and it's characters are (c) Nikita Malha
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