NLU Charlotte Laffioti (keytarvocals) Picture

Another one of my colored sketches. It began with the thought "I haven't drawn an obese/really fat chick in a while, I'll see how well I can get it to turn out" but I was bored with humans so I made a lizard/dragon-kin. As I sketched her I decided I wanted to give her a cheery vibe but also give her some basic gothic/metal elements. She's not one of my major characters but she is part of a micro series I'll be doing making an entire fictional band. She lives within one of my minor sci-fi universes in which mankind has discovered faster than light travel and now interacts with many different sentient species on a regular basis. without further ado here is the character bio.

Name: Charlotte "Lottie" Laffioti
Race: Irkanian 4B (4B denotes 4th moon subspecies) [informal "drake"]
Age: 25
Height: 5'6" (1.52 m)
Weight: 426 lb (193 kg)
Hit: metal music, old campy scifi films, gummy sharks
Miss:easy listening, cats (allergic), coffee tables you aren't allowed to put your feet on

Bio: Charlotte "Lottie" Laffioti is the co-lead singer for the fictional metal band Never Let Up (NLU). It exists within a minor sci-fi universe of mine in which humanity has discovered faster than light travel and now regularly interacts with a myriad of other sentient races. Charlotte is a 4b Irkanian, a reptilian humanoid race that originated on the moons of the gas giant Irkania. Irkanians have a unique relationship to metal music as they are similar to the dragons of earth mythology having horns, spines, a wide array of skin colors, and a reptilian appearance; and as such they fit right in with much of the iconography of metal genres. In fact the popularity of "drakes" within the metal subculture helped lottie get an early foothold in genre back when she was just a backup singer.

NLU's permanent roster consists of Charlotte Laffioti (keytar/co-lead vocal), Burnie Brunswick (drums/songwriter), Reginald Fassbender (bass/co-lead vocal), and Ricardo Ferrerra (guitar). Never Let Up was named for the motto of the two founders Lottie and Burnie, who would always tell the guitarist to "never let up" right before a song. all of their songs are incredibly high tempo and filled with blazing fast guitar riffs and synthesized beats. NLU specializes in the fictional subgenre of 'lightning metal' that is a fusion of the guitar driven high tempo elements of power/speed metal, with heavy use of synthesized sounds from the electronic genres. What they lack in technical skill they make up for with passion, as all of the band members are close friends and love metal music more than life itself.

All of their albums are sung from the perspective of specific characters, and the two lead singers Burnie/Lottie sing with distinct voices to represent each character within a given album. Their first successful album was 'Infinite Duress' which followed the story of a soldier who could not cope with the return to normal life and became a serial killer.

examples of what their music would sound like if they were a real band are Stains of Time from the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack [link]

and Dragonfood [though without any of the slow buildup sections] (a remix of Ridley's theme from the Metroid franchise by Rozovian) [link]

I don't own the rights to either of the songs I linked to, they are solely used as examples of what NLU's music might sound like. on a final note, if anyone knows anything about a real genre that sounds like 'lightning metal' or just some other songs that sound like the ones I listed I'd be interested.
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