Falak Picture

Falaks are large ocean dwelling serpent-like fish that are surprisingly found living no where else but under bahumuts. These creatures live a symbiotic relationship with the large aquatic beasts. Falaks feed on the parasites that dwell underneath bahamuts in a manner similar to remura. In exchange for ridding the parasites on its belly, the bahamuts provide a home, essentially a floating reef of sorts, for which falaks can live on, and protection against ocean predators.

Falaks were once basically small ocean bottom feeding fish that were easy prey for bigger predators. However the creatures long ago found out that by living alongside bahamuts, they stood a better chance since most other ocean dwelling creatures don't attack these ocean giants. Without any more fear from most other predators and along with the abundance of parasites which dwell on the belly of bahamuts, falaks eventually ballooned in size as evolution passed and become the large creatures they are now.

Falaks have an interesting set of arsenal armed on them. Aside from their sticky skin and suction-like mouths which help them to hang on to their bahamut hosts, falaks have a very mobile and versatile body for which they can use to roam around their bahumut hosts' belly. As they roam an upside down underwater landscape, they also use their mobility to catch some large fast moving parasites that roam around a bahamut's belly sucking blood. Falaks also have the ability to send to electrical charges through the water in order to stun parasites or would be predators that are brave enough to come to a bahamut. With these, falaks are like underwater predators who hunt down their parasitic prey.

Falaks are capable of leaving bahamuts if they want to, since they are way bigger and more capable than their ancestors. However most falaks naturally prefer staying on bahamut bellies as most of the parasites they feed on are only found there. Because of this, it is often rare to find falaks swimming without bahamuts. Even when there are some found doing so, its usually because they are looking for another bahamut to live on because the one they previously lived on died or some other circumstances.

Falaks live a very symbiotic life with bahamuts. However, they are more than just parasite pickers. Because bahamuts rarely look whats below them, they rarely don't know if there's a threat, like a large ambushing sea predator, underneath them, or anywhere below their line of sight, by themselves. Falaks however, being underneath bahamuts, are able to see such dangers. Should a danger to a bahamut's survival present itself underwater, falaks immediately send electrical charges into the bahamut itself to warn it. The charges aren't lethal enough to electrocute a bahamut but they are strong enough to alert them that there is something wrong. Basically, falaks act like alerting oxpeckers in this way.

Aside from picking off parasites and being an underwater alert system, falaks also provide assistance to bahamuts by assisting them in taking down huge prey with the aid of their electric generating ability. Falaks have also been known to help raise bahamut young by either protecting them from would be predators or by leading them back to their mothers if they were lost.


*Based on the snake that is below the mythological beast Bahumut [link]
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