KS: Bugra Picture

Intended to be a prevalent character in the series was Bugra. A monster fabled in mythology, Bugra was said to be an immensely powerful deity and the guardian of a secret island nation. Rex and his human counterpart decide to go looking for the island in their off time and wind up finding Bugra rather easily.
As it turns out, Bugra is much less impressive than the fables tell. A lazy, cowardly worm, Bugra lives in a cave sleeping and drinking the days away. The alcoholic larva claims that he is simply in a slump, and that once he hits his pupal stage, he'll metamorphose into his true form and emerge as the mightiest monster the world's ever seen.
Following Bugra everywhere is a pair of young girls. Sobe, who is soft spoken and laid back, and Gin, who is bold and excitable. Sobe & Gin are convinced that Bugra is telling the truth, and are constantly at his side to cheer him on, even brewing his giant moonshine as encouragement.
Despite being absolutely worthless in all aspects of combat, Bugra occasionally tags along with Rex on his adventures, attempting to lend support and more often than not failing miserably at it.


Bugra is among a handful of the monsters who became allies in Kaiju Squad. Unfortunately I've lost most of the drawings for Kaiju Squad, so they won't be getting scraps, nor will the bad guys.

It's worthy of note however that the final evil monster was Omnigon, who was something like a cross between a long armed dinosaur and a giant squid. Omnigon fed off the life force of other creatures by biting down on them and draining their mana. While the two looked very little alike, Omnigon's concept lived on, eventually serving as a blueprint for the design of Scython. (The modern version, btw. The original Scython was created sometime in 1999, but he had quite a few differences.)
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