mother of the sea Picture

quick sketch with black pen in religions class

Its the mother of the sea, the most important god in the old religion of the eskimoes

the story goes (in some parts of this giant religion) that this girl did not want to be married off by her parents. a shadow bird came, took her away and trapped her in his house. The girl’s father then found the birds nest and rescued his daughter. He hid her under some fur in her boat. As the shadow bird found the boat he squealed; “let me see her hands!” after some negotiation, the father sacrificed his daughter, but she clung to the side of the boat. The father chopped off her fingers until she could no longer hold on, and she drowned in the sea. Here she became the mother of the sea. When the Eskimos have broken their promises to the mother of the sea, she holds back the fish, so that they have to come down to her and brush her hair, to make her happy again (cause she has no arms, … ).

There may be some errors, but you should get the general idea.
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