The Determinator - Ruby Decker v.2.0 Picture

"'Because I have tits and all' my buzzard-fuckin' ass."

Name: Ruby Antiphates Telepylus Decker
Trope: The Determinator
Virtue: Perseverance
Clan: Flesh/Fighting
Weapon: Throwing knives (Dual-wielded)
Age: 16 (biologically); ~200 (biologically)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 175 lbs
- Powerful jaws grant her a bone-crushing bite that can snap a person's spine.
- Finger bones have worn down into razor-sharp "claws" that can rip through exposed flesh.
- Laestrygonian heritage grants her predator-level speed, agility, and reflexes. This also gives her uncanny accuracy when throwing projectiles such as her knives.
- Due to a bug in her programming she is able to respawn indefinitely. When she dies, she can quickly reappear from offscreen without the need for a holding tank.
- No ranged attacks aside from her throwing knives.
- More susceptible to conventional damage than other characters. The defective nature of her ability also means she cannot heal from injuries until she respawns.
- Stubborn, territorial nature prevents her from socializing properly. Makes enemies frequently because she tries to actively shove them out of her way.
- The smell of blood drives her to a "frenzy state" which makes her movements even faster but less controlled; she's prone to dropping her guard more often in this mode.
Bestia: Nujalik - A Velociraptor covered in blood-red daggers and knives for feathers. Its claws and teeth are also razor-sharp metallic blades. Named after the Inuit land-hunting goddess.
Ruby is the daughter of Antiphates, the king of the cannibalistic Laestrygonians. They were a race of giant cannibals from ancient Greek mythology, mentioned only in Homer's Odyssey. This lack of sources may be explained by the fact that Odysseus was the only mortal survivor able to recount his experiences with them. What is less known is that they were actually emigrants from their island of origin, a floating chunk of land that had somehow achieved sentience thanks to an energy core within its center. This would be remarkable if not for one small problem: the island, floating in the northern seas, considered itself the absolute commander of anything and everything within reach. Its rivers and streams delivered dark magic to those who drank from them, turning them into ravenous, pretentious things that tore at each other and everything that was not accustomed to them. A hunting party of a species related to the Neanderthals arrived upon the island... and never returned, for many were lost and those that survived became the progenitors of the Laestrygonian race.
Mutated and corrupted by the arrogant, domineering sadism of the island itself, the Laestrygonians became its sentient "consciousness," preying on sapient beings, taking a horrific amount of pleasure and even arousal in slowly and painfully breaking and ruining their prey before tearing it apart or feeding it to the digestive juices of the island itself, housed in special pools which held their victims to be excruciatingly dissolved. In return, the island helped the population expand, its male-only residents able to age far more gradually than biologically possible and making pilgrimages to its core to "seed" it in increasingly perverse and twisted ways throughout the year. The island and its inhabitants refused to accept any other way of self-thinking, including those of the deities who found their philosophy... "disturbing," to say the least. The island attempted to establish contact with other great predators of its kind, only to have its ignorant fancies of bloodshed and violation get the better of it. The Monster Matriarch and patron deity of carnivores, Tiamat Kur'Irkalla, was invited to the island along with her children under the sea god Abzu of Babylonian myth. The premise was a banquet to celebrate the two super-predators... which quickly went downhill when the island tainted the feast out of "boredom." Lamos, the current king who incredibly was even more savage and cruel than his son was, ordered the Laestrygonians to make a meal of a different kind. Then in her humanoid form, Evangeline Lilith, the mother of monsters was the only one to escape alive, but not before being forced to watch all of her sons and daughters brutally killed and publicly disemboweled for eating, before being herself mutilated almost beyond recognition and cast into the ocean. Invigorated by dining on the predator goddess's children, the giants soon set out to conquer the world for their own patron - but Lamos's son, Antiphates, only got as far as another more innocuous island, which he named after his father, before catastrophe struck.
The island's first mistake was assuming Tiamat would be too "ashamed" to ever come back. The second was that it did not consider the possibility that she would enlist the aid of Leviathan, the Princess of Envy. And the third, final, and fatal error was that when Tiamat began burning the island and all of its corrupted life forms to the ground, the island's core broke its silence and concentrated its vindictive hatred upon the one whom they had offended so long ago... only for Leviathan to swallow the beam of overwhelming destruction before "returning fire." The island's core overloaded and exploded with the force of an atomic bomb, ending Lamos's reign of terror with a fireball that, if only for an instant, turned nighttime into day.
The monster sisters would go on to wipe out the Lamos colony not long after Odysseus escaped it, and in a frantic bid to avoid their wrath, the giants practically scattered all over the northern hemisphere.
Homer's Odyssey also mentions a daughter of the Laestrygonian king. However, Antiphates' breeding history is far more complicated. He took many lovers, but without the core to concieve a son, all of his attempts to raise a heir to the throne ended in disaster. The most recent, and the last, was with the Latino exotic dancer, Mallory Decker, during his sojurn to Texas in the 1800's. Notably, Mallory was one of the few characters with whom he sired a child, but died during childbirth; though she carried the baby without ill effects, she was unable to deliver her via the standard procedure due to a defect in labor. An enraged Antiphates, his desire for her forgotten, tore the baby from her womb by force, and upon realizing that the mother was dead, raised her as one of his own species.
Needless to say, Antiphates' attempt at child care did not go well, especially with the knowledge that she was female. Ruby was abused and beaten for even the slightest refusal to follow her father's whims, cruel and remorseless though they were. For fourteen years, she was forced by her father to kill on his behalf when he wasn't out on the field himself. Then it was discovered that because the Laestrygonians had become too dependent on their island to reproduce, their very nature was incompatible with that of humans and Ruby was therefore... sterile. This would be the second time Antiphates' hatred cost him his chance at a family, as he proceeded to abandon his daughter in the Mojave Desert, where she would wander for eight years before stumbling upon a small industrial town. It was here that she would become involved in a vicious battle at one of the factories, which led to her falling into a vat of toxic waste. She died in that instant but, in that last moment, she also discovered her virtue, Perseverance. This activated her respawn ability shared by all characters, enabling her to instantly reform, outfit and all, upon being killed.
Since then Ruby travelled all over the various worlds, searching for her father so they could reconcile, unaware that his escapade with Mallory was only the start of his inevitable downward spiral. Antiphates died soon after he was given by a then-unknown employer the mission to hunt down the elusive Adam Johnson/Jetstream; when the Laestrygonian ruler nearly killed Adam, Tiamat finally caught up to him and, killing off the rest of his people one by one, saved him for last, rendering his species extinct in a fittingly gruesome fashion. As soon as Ruby discovered what had happened, the enraged half-Laestrygonian swore vengeance on her father's killers, and applied for a job at the Legion of the Nine Circles. Her respawning ability made her perfectly suited for the most dangerous mission of all, one that she was all too eager to accept: to bring the last of De'os's hatchlings to the Legion's personal version of "justice."
Being the last living representative of a vainglorious, carnivorous island, not to mention the orphaned daughter of a hateful, abusive, bloodthirsty ruler of an extinct species, has left a serious mark upon Ruby's character. She's independent, pragmatic, cynical, territorial, and extremely stubborn, but also has a combination of uncanny improvisation skills, unbreakable willpower, and predatory cunning. Aside from her respawning bug she has no special abilities or resistances and doesn't give a damn about 'em either, relying on only her heightened senses and brutally tenacious single-mindedness to achieve her goals; to put it in the simplest terms, if she wants something done, then there is absolutely nothing capable of stopping her. She's also relentless when hunting down quarry, gnawing victims to the bone with her razor-sharp teeth. Some individuals have noted that it IS possible to establish civil relationships and even alliances with her, but this is easier said than done since she prefers to do things her own way i.e. as concisely and bluntly as possible, and it also costs her and her associates time and effort to keep her carnivorous mannerisms in check. Violet is so far the only other Guardian who has been able to gain acceptance from her since her relationship with Tiamat has allowed her to objectively comprehend most of her issues on a personal level. She is perhaps the only main character who can engage in a casual conversation with Ruby without the risk of parting with her on poor terms and is also one of the few people whom Ruby is willing to voluntarily listen to for advice and comfort. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the other Guardians who more often than not find her spiteful hard-headedness counterproductive if not flat out infuriating. Opinions of her range from Xiu Ning's consternation, Sky's pity, and Eve's concern for her well-being to Aang's apprehension, Harry's contempt, and Link's flat-out hatred. This negative opinion is why Ruby prefers to distance herself emotionally from the other Guardians save for Violet, knowing that they will be of no help with her problems and may even irrationally slander or even attack her should the opportunity present itself. For the time being, Ruby is the token "Fallen Guardian" who has chosen to take her own path in life, away from the best chance of survival. It will only be a matter of time before she finds out if her own way works just as well.

Special Actions:
Standard: Throwing Dagger (Flesh) - Throws one of her knives horizontally. The blade sticks into the ground and opponents; it can be picked up and thrown again like an item once it's landed. Upgrades increase the number of blades thrown per action.
Horizontal: Bone Crusher (Flesh) - Charges forward and slightly upward with her jaws open and then snaps her jaws together. This powerful bite delivers massive damage and can deliver severe knockback as well as blood loss. Provides excellent horizontal recovery; distance increases with upgrade.
Upward: Buzzard Snatcher (Flesh) - Leaps upwards and slightly forwards while thrusting up with both of her hands. If she doesn't grab a ledge, she flip-throws downward in mid-air. Opponents that are hit are hooked and thrown downwards automatically while suffering massive damage. Provides excellent vertical recovery and makes a lethal down-spike; height and strength of down-throw increase with upgrade.
Downward: Crimson Stake (Flesh) - Stabs down to the ground with one of her knives. If an opponent is within 1 pace from her, he/she will be stabbed and pinned to the ground, suffering massive damage and blood loss.


I went and did a far more comprehensive take on Ruby's design this time around, complete with fabric texture and a lot more blood.
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