The Eater of the Dead Picture

The gods watched as the heart was placed on the scale and weighed against Maat, the Feather of Truth. The deceased spoke a prayer asking the heart not to betray them. If the heart brought the scales into balance, the deceased was allowed to pass into the afterlife. If the heart was heavy with sin and failed to balance the scales, the deceased met their fate in the open jaws of Ammut, the Devourer of the Dead.
- Egyptian Underworld Myth

This guy may not cast you into eternal damnation, but he still relishes a rotting corpse. This is my cast skull of Borophagus secundus, the name meaning "bone eater". He lived some 4.5 million years ago in Hemphill County, Texas. His flat teeth and extremely powerful jaws are much more developed than a hyaena's, meaning he was much more of a scavenger. Giant camel bones from Lisco, Nebraska, bear his tooth marks, adding evidence to this interpretation. This guy is not too popular with paleontologists: they don't like their evidence destroyed!

*Repost from old account. Originally posted: March 11, 2007
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