The Descendant & Her Daemon Picture

The title comes from the fact that Ace was a descendant of a Viking infected with Fenric, an enemy of the Doctor.

Blurb about Ace and her German Shepherd daemon, Fenrisulfr:

She sat on the floor, legs stretched out in front of her, Fenrisulfr sprawled between them, his head resting on her thigh. Absently she carded her fingers through his fur, watching as the Doctor fiddled about with the TARDIS controls, Kairos perched on his shoulder, her inky feathers shining in the softly glowing lights.

"He's been antsy as of late," Fenrisulfr muttered as he turned his head to watch the Doctor as well.

"All that stuff the other day probably," Ace replied, scratching behind her daemon's ears and causing him to thump his tail happily, the emotion carrying over to her and making her smile. "He'll be fine. Kairos will bring him around. She always does."

"Hope she screeches in his ear again. He jumped and managed to clear the control panel. That was awesome."

"And I hope she doesn't." Ace shook her head. "He went into a rant about bird daemons that lasted two days, remember?"

"Oh...yeah...not fun."

"No, not fun at all."

Fenrisulfr is an Ancient Norse mythology figure, the son of Loki, his form was a giant wolf.

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