Dholmon Picture

Bovimon's champion stage. I feel like I'm cheating with the name, since Dhol was a white cow...But, well, there are white parts >>

Name Origin: Indian mythology. Dhol is a giant, white cow that carries the earth on its horns.
Level: Adult
Attribute: Data
Group: Beast Digimon
Family: Nature Spirits
Quake- Dholmon rears up on her hind legs and her front hooves glow, before stomping to the ground, shaking and breaking the ground around her.
Charge- Dholmon lowers her head and charges the opponent head on at full force, causing severe damage upon impact.
Earthen Wind- Dholmon lowers her head slightly and her horns glow softly for a moment. A big sphere of swirling wind and rock debris takes shape between her horns. With a swing of her head, she fires it at the opponent.
Personality: Maintaining the blunt and boldness of her Child state, Dholmon has matured enough to know when she should and should not speak. She's a bit calmer and more composed but she's still always up for a good laugh. Her sense of protectiveness towards others grows considerably.

Digimon © Toei and all
Art, Dholmon © Me
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