The Royal Children of Asgard Picture


so sorry for the immensely long wait guys!! this is a little piece I decided to do dedicated to the children of Loki and Thor~

this centers mainly around me and my sis's KyonAyanamiChan story we did for the two~

on the top left is Sleipnir, the eight legged horse in human form- top right is Fenrir, the wolf in human form- middle left is Igneel, the dragon with three heads in human form (oc child of KyonAyanamiChan )- middle right is Jourmangandr, the giant sea serpent in human form- below him his Vali, the other wolf child of Lokis in human form- in the center is Hel, lokis daughter who looks over the dead- bottom left is Magni, the child of Thor- and lastly Valkyrie (her original names is Thraud- but I liked valkryie better XD) daughter of Thor~
the norse in the pictures spells out their names~

I really had fun making this little piece of work~! and I hope you guys love it as well~!! especially you sis~~

all rights to characters goes to Norse mythology and Igneel goes to KyonAyanamiChan

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