Shamballa Expedition, 1937 Picture

This remarkable craft is an fan-driven ice sled. I intend to use it to search the Arctic wastes for the entrance to the fabled land of the Hollow Earth. The realm of Aghartha, or Hyperborea, or Plutonia depending upon the mythology one uses. We chose Siberia to start our journey because of the legends of the Samoyed people. Also, recent finds of frozen but apparently fresh carcasses of wooly mammoth, giant cave bears, and giant sloths have rekindled the theory of the existence of a subterranean world that time forgot. Maybe we shall find the fabulous city of Shamballa inhabited by the refugees from Atlantis or maybe the Lost Tribes of Israel. I am accompanied by Comrade Svetlana of the People's Army. She is very dedicated to scientific discovery and is very personable. Both important characteristics as we will be sharing the cramped confines of the sled for many weeks. Look forward to the film documenting our expedition to be exhibited in the Travelogue Theatre at the Museum of Natural Mystery upon our return!

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