Nothing Alike Picture

Mega Man characters lololol

Finally got around to coloring Roman and redesigned his bird companion Aquila. xP I drew them first and thought "wait shit I need to show how freaking huge Roman is" so I added Sebun by his side for size comparison. Yay. Not sure of the exact height measurements, but he's up there...

Sebun is a present and her purpose is basically to make the person happy, but she usually extends that goal to everyone. She, uh... has a "happiness radar" of sorts, so she can "hear" whenever someone is saddened or frusterated. The downside to that means she doesn't function too well (can't think straight?) if there's a lot of conflict around. And I don't think she has a lot of common sense since her purpose is a specific one, but that's what the learning program is for, right?

Roman is a fighter and is so much cooler than Knightman loljk. Not really sure what he was built for aside from that, but hey, I don't see why one wouldn't build a giant ancient Roman soldier styled robot. (lol, maybe he was an entry for that tournament in MM6...) He can be pretty aggressive and loves fighting but finds it difficult since he was programmed to fight in a group instead of one on one... I'm sure he'll find a creative way around that. He's also into mythology and superstitions, so you can basically get out of a fight with him if you BS something like "seeing a bad omen" or making up some crazy horoscope.

...Or you could threaten to destroy Aquila, his robot eagle and eye in the sky. That option is a gamble though - he could either surrender or try and purposely kill you to be sure you'd never again threaten to harm his winged pride and joy, haha. ...And I don't even know what gender the bird is, but I'm leaning towards it being female.

Sebun, Roman and Aquila are mine

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