Simple oc meme Picture

This meme was fun c: Even though I did not realize until the end that they are all guys and only one is human .

Merlin- I made him about a year or two ago. He is a 8 foot giant ice breathing lizard that is over protective of kids. I missed drawing him

Edger Wells- He is the Main antagonist of Dante and Isaac's story. He has committed many crimes in his life from petty thievery to shooting a man. He may come off as a gentleman but if you get on his bad side he will hunt you, your family, and your friends down. To bad Isaac and Dante get mixed up with him.

Quetzy (short for Quetzalcoatl)- He is one of the main characters for a story i have been working on called counterpart. Pretty much he is somthing called a counterpart, who are monsters that are named after a mythological god and sometimes will resemble them too, and at a point in their life they will be bound to a human and become partners. Quetzy's is a boy named Toby, I'll draw him later.

Rainford or Rain for short- I really like this character. I'm going to do more with him soon. I also changed his look a bit. He was a human who died and his spirit was put into a small fake skull carved out of white stone. He likes hugs.

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