[First OC] Picture

Yus, he has no nipples!
Haven't decided if I'll draw him any. I do need to design something for his sash, though.
I had a YinYang design on it, but I wasn't feeling it. =3
I also need to decide on a name.. & finish his face 'n' hair - because look at it. xD

Rough Lore stuff until I choose a name etc.
(My first OC, so no giggles!)

Demon, found by monks as an infant & was raised at a monastery.
From the monks he developed superior prowess in the martial arts, being able to use his chi to enhance his already inhuman speed, attack & defense. However, if he's forced to overuse his chi he will gradually start to lose his self control; giving in to his demonic nature.
His demonic abilities are utilized through the use of a powerful ocarina he wears around his neck.
Using it he is able to manipulate the minds & senses of his enemies or summon forth & command various dark beasts.
He is also able to focus his chi to empower his demonic abilities whilst playing his ocarina; enveloping him in an aura of energy to amplify the intensity of each dirge.

He was forced to leave the monastery after losing himself in training, becoming a wandering vagabond.

Demon form (if I defeat laziness & do one) will be a giant armoured white tiger.
(All based on the Tiger vs Dragon Yin/Yang mythology. Also explains the tattoo etc. <3)

Edit: I'll also need to figure out why I keep losing colour quality when I save. >.<
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