Disney Odin Picture

Odin is the major god in the Norse mythology and the Allfather. His father is Bor and mother is Bestla and he has two brothers. With them, they killed a giant Ymir and built Asgard - Home of the gods. He has a wife Frigga (goddess of rain and women) and with her, he has a lot of children, Baldur, Hermod, Hod and Tyr (god of war). With Jord, He has got Thor (god of thunder) and Sif. One day, gods and giants will fight and that happening will called Ragnarok. Odin hung on tree Yggdrasil and got a wisdom, so he is also god of wisdom and he can turned into any animal too.
I chose to make Odin like Disney Hercules because I like how gods look in Hercules film and animated series.
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