Sifjyl Fjorda Picture

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Name: Sifjyl Fjorda (Siff-yill Fyord-ah)

Name Origin: Sifjyl - Sif (Thor's wife in Norse mythology), Fjorda - Fjord (a bay nestled in between two narrow cliffs. chosen because of her viking-based style)

Gender: Female

Age: 7 Sweeps (14-15 years of age)

Height: Six Feet Seven Inches (6' 7")

Symbol: Futhark rune - Thurisaz (represents the 'th' sound and means 'giant' or 'Thor')

Lusus: Sea Serpent-mom named Jormutta (Yor-muttah) (Sounds like 'your mother')

Personality: Quiet, reserved, attacks only when she needs to get something from someone (or when she feels something must be culled), but can be reasoned with.

Strife: Shieldkind specibus, 1h Swordkind specibus

Handle: ancientRaider [AR]

Quirk: Stop! We can't allow you to go when you pose such a THreat! (capitalizes all 'TH' because that's what her symbol represents, uses 'we' instead of 'I')

Hive: Viking-style boat cabin sunk under the icy seas.

Fetch Modus: Futhark (has to write out names of objects in Futhark runes to retrieve them)

Land: Land of Ice and Storm (Consorts: Eccentric Blue Walruses, Denizen: Thor)

God Tier: Sylph of Hope (yes)

Ancestor: Iceheart Blacksea

Dancestor: Snotra Fjorda

Personal Quote: "THe high seas belong to us. We are as unrelenting as THe storm and logical as THe preceding calm."

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