Chimera vs Mecha Hydra Picture


2 monsters of Greek mythology that I have loved since I was like 7, and when I was chosen by the Gods of Olympus to draw them , there was only one thing in mind……

GIANT KAIJU ALL OUT ATTACK…. Oh right up my alley a giant monster brawl between the fusion creature “Chimera” and the liquid metal monolith “Mecha-Hydra” within a populated urban area at that.

The Mecha-Hydra is very much a throw back to Mecha-King Ghidorah, the cyborg three-headed dragon from the Godzilla series.And the Chimera, a three headed goat, lion, and snake hybrid. Every image that I’ve seen of the Chimera is very, very unappealing it’s awkward with all these heads on random areas of the body….and I didn’t want that to be my Chimera. Instead I drew some more inspiration from a Godzilla creature but from kid friendly Hanna-Barbara animated series from the 70’s which includes a Chimera, that doesn’t look like the traditional design. Instead from what I remember it had a lion head, goat horns and a reptilian body. All the traditional features just rearranged a bit, and that’s what I tried to do, as well as making look like a Nick Pino kaiju.
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