Adam Stroome Picture

My second character for

Name: Adam Stroome
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Species: Maelstrom

Info: A maelstrom is basically a suped up whirlpool that appear in many seas but the most famous is off the coast of Norway if I remember correctly. The do actually exist but there are the legendary ones such as Chrybdis from Greek Mythology which was giant and devoured any ship that journeyed past her.

Bio: Adam is unlike his best friend Brad very very sociable. He is a nut job. He has been from science labs since the frog, magnesium, and open flame incident last year. Despite this science is still his favorite subject. Oh and by the way the reason he has a human form is because a witch cast a spell on a maelstrom and gave it his form.

Extracurriculars: Hockey, Soccer, and swim team
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