Pokemon Topaz Legendary, Garunix Picture

Sky lord pokemon
type: psychic/flying
height 7ft 8in
weight: 243 lbs
Descending from heaven, Garunix is the guardian of all mankind. its giant golden wings can block out the intense heat of droughts, or the destruction of floods. it is the eternal rival of Nagakon, whom's hatred knows no bounds.

base stats:
Hp: 110
attack: 120
defense: 110
sp.attack: 120
sp.defense: 105
speed: 100

total: 665

signature move: Arial Assault
type: flying
power: 190
accuracy: 50
the user constantly attacks the foe from the air with vicious tenacity. must recharge after use.

ability: iron spirit
unaffected by poison type moves after 5 turns.

based off of garuda, the mythological Hindu race of bird men that have an eternal rivalry with the naga race.

name derived from garuda, gaurdian, and phoenix.
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