Glass Bullets Picture

There are a lot of dangerous myths floating around about mythology, giving the novice funny ideas. The truth is, in a double-blind test, most zombies couldn't tell you the difference between holy water and regular. Werewolves laugh at silver cutlery (right before they chew your guts out). Circle of salt? It's just flavoring to a demon. But sooner or later, they all learn a healthy respect for Arch-mage Vantermann's enchanted .45.

You know... I really have no idea. I remembered reading once of a giant that was vulnerable only to glass (or something like that- even if that wasn't it, I'm sure there's a story just like that), and kinda ran with it.
MAX 6, two days (one for the Walker Colt and one for the scene), nothing special, just getting my bearings back after more than a month of disuse.
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