Orniterra:White winged banshee Picture

in Orniterra, birds of prey became the top predators and while eagles turned into large ratite hunters, fullfilling the niches of tigers and other large predators,some Caracaras evolved into intelligent , social predators fulfilling the niches of social canines such as wolves and dholes, and worked together to bring down prey the eagles killed alone, other caracara groups evolved into jackal like creatures and others into small prey hunters.

the larger, wolf sized social kinds of caracaras in the genus Lycaeopolyborus called Banshees, because of their terrifying screams, that sounded as scary as the cross of a barn owl screech (wich believe me, can be terrifying) and the sounds more commonly produced by falcons, mix that on an incredible high pitch and you have the cry of the banshee.
Banshees are social animals that form groups of atleast 4 individuals, there are 6 species, two on arcadia and four on the western continent. In Arcadia theres the horned or forest banshee that is smaller and lives on forests and the White winged or Plains Banshee that lives in the central plains and is larger, the plains banshee feeds specially on Arahwaks ( descendants of emus that took the niches of antelopes and zebras)and other large animals, working together in groups to bring them down, they compete for prey within its range with many smaller, jackal like caracara genuses, aswell as giant eagles.

Arcadians call the plains Banshee Aovea'Mulak ( Crying Devils), and they respect and fear those dangerous yet beautifull and yet terrifying creatures, in their mythology Morovai, the Punisher god is based on a banshee and banshees are tought as his servants on earth, Arcadian say that if a Banshee kills one of them, Justice have been made, Morovai have found the killed guilty of some crime and sent a banshee to punish him.
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