GxSM: GABARA Picture

Here we have Minilla’s and Sailor Mini Moon’s tormentor that little green bastard from the worst Godzilla film in history.

Media History: Gabara (ガバラ?) is a fictional kaiju (giant monster) featured in the 1969 Japanese tokusatsu film All Monsters Attack (also known as "Godzilla's Revenge"), the tenth Godzilla film to be produced by Toho. Gabara is the primary antagonist of the film. Just as All Monsters Attack is one of the more distinctive entries in the Godzilla canon — existing, as Gabara does, entirely inside the dreams of a small child — Gabara is unique. Not obviously based on any real animal or mythological creature, Gabara's costume is similar to an ogre or troll, with a turquoise, warty hide. On top of his head is a mane of scruffy orange fur with a series of horns protruding from it. His facial features are vaguely feline, and his roar sounds like a crazed, throaty warble. Gabara has the power to project electricity through physical contact, and uses this ability to electrocute Minilla, and later, Godzilla. Promotional photos for All Monsters Attack also depict Gabara shooting lightning bolts from his hands, though this ability was never depicted in the film. However, in a few fight scenes, Gabara appears to emit powerful electric shocks when he makes direct contact with his opponents.


Height: 68 meters

Weight: 35,000 tons

BIO: A terrible Oni and an insufferable prick in the kaiju kingdom Gabara takes great pleasure in tormenting smaller weaker creatures. He is also the leader to a gang of Monsters that harass Godzilla’s son Minilla and Sailor Mini Moon. His is also the servant to the greater evil.


-Electric Discharge from his Horn, Hands and through biting this power pales in comparison with King Kong’s and Sailor Jupiter’s Electric abilities.

-Can extend his Claws

-Powerful horn

Voiced By: Jim Cummings (Leatherhead TMNT): [link]
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