Fields of War - Talos the Gold One Picture

This is the Special Character of the Stygians. He is a part of the Fields of War tabletop game: [link]

The great Stygian inventor and technician Michanikos had spent years gathering bits and pieces of Scarecrow technology, tediously analyzing it, trying to figure it out. Eventually he forged a giant of brass, bronze and iron, brought to life by a mix of arcane magics and mysterious science. This golem of metal was named Talos and he would serve as Michanikos' personal bodyguard and sentry for Synnefopolis, the mechanical city in the clouds. Michanikos had then presented Talos to King Alarxis the Great. After much debating and convincing, Alarxis grew to like the idea and said that he wished of Michanikos to construct more of these "Colossus". But, after an unexpected turn of events, the Scarecrows had kidnapped Michanikos and dragged him away to their Dark Forges. Talos was then left alone and he swore to find and return his lost master. In the meantime, he serves Alarxis as his iron fist, leading his conquests from the front lines, crushing all adversaries beneath the iron tread of his heel.

-I have based the design of Talos from the "Age of Mythology" Colossus unit (available to the Greek army).
-Next to Talos stands a Stygian Banner Bearer, to represent how tall a Human would be next to the Colossus.
-Michanikos is a character who is loosely based on Daedalus from Antic Greek Mythology.
-Alarxis the Great is a character who is based upon Alexander of Macedonia, a real-life Historic figure.
-To see the other Stygian units which are avaialable in Fields of War, look here: [link]

Hope you like it, please feel free to post your thoughts and ideas below.
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