Gwarcheidwad WindShadow Picture

Just kind of a colored profile image of Logan and Borya.

A quick run-down...
Name: Logan McDonald
Nicknames: No.
Use Name: WindShadow
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Occupation: Professor of Cultural Anthropology / Comparative Mythology at the university Tony & Sophia attend. (She's got a PhD! Bwahahaha!)

Years as a Gwarcheidwad: Secret for now
Spirit Type: Ga'oh (wind)
Spirit Name: Borya (Russian name meaning "warrior")
Spirit Gender: Male
Spirit Properties: A "Ga'oh" is a race of wind elemental spirits known as "Wind Giants" for the purposes of my universe. They're the biggest and the strongest within the wind elementals. Because it is a wind spirit, a Ga'oh does not naturally have a physical form and thusly must expend considerable energy to become anything more physical than wind and interact with mundane objects/creatures.
The term and concept of a "Ga'oh" is actually taken from an Iroquois god named "Ga'oh". He was the giant in charge of the Four Winds, and had a special department for each direction with suitable windy managers: North is in the paws of Bear, blustering and rough; East has Moose, rather wet and morose; West has Panther, not entirely trustworthy; and South a soft and gentle Fawn. The name "Borya" is also meant to sound similar to "Boreas" the Greek name of the "North Wind" which is why Borya himself manifests as a lion-like creature with huge clawed paws.

Other Info:
The name Logan is actually gender-neutral, and the character herself is intentionally androgynous. Logan is meant to be an effectively genderless character because -as a character- she is not designed to handle things romantically. She really is only marginally capable of making friends.

Logan is my least socially capable Gwarcheidwad, and quite on purpose. Her entire life revolves around being a Gwarcheidwad, even her profession as a "normal person" connects back to it. I haven't officially declared the age at which she was first partnered with Borya (yet), but I've made it clear she was very young. Because of that, she was never "normal" and thusly often fails at social interactions.

It's best to learn about Logan via the drabbles and comics as she is meant to be the strongest, most socially retarded, and mysterious out of the 5-set. She is my "expert"/"teacher" Gwarcheidwad, and her personality and past are meant to be discovered slowly as a part of the story. You learn as Tony & Sophia (the primary eyes and ears of my story) do.

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