Jennifur REF Picture

Name: Jennifer C.J Poirier
Nicknames: Jen, Jenny, JJ, J, Psycho, Jen-a-loo, Jen-a-loo from the zombie zoo (my Dad calls me that sometimes), and Kitty
Breed: Russian blue, munchkin mix
Loves: Cupcakes, fish, soft things, and mythology
Likes: Watching moves, anime, reading, video games, family, friends, and light storms
Dislikes: Loud noises, being around to many strangers, fangirls/fanboys, crazed fans, and swimming
Hates: Nothing

People she know can?
-Pick her up
-Snuggle her
-Touch head flower (if she fully trust you)
-Dress her up
-Put her in water

People she doesn't know?
-Can not pat her (unless there is someone she knows and trusts is around)
-Can not pick her up, she'll run away if you try
-Can not touch head flower (it's likely that she will bite you)
-Can not put her in water

Scars- Nicked ear from getting in a fight with another cat.
Thinks about- Cupcakes, fire, Minecraft, reader inserts, friends, family, The Punisher, Deadpool, coffee, art work, and stories
Fears- The dark, big storms, and giant spiders

Lineart is made by =techno-tuna here is a link-

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