Victory of the cynocephali Picture

Cynocephali, a savage race of canibalistic dog-headed people.
They are too savage to make axes like that so he probably stole this one from his victim.

People believed in cynocephali during the late middle ages/early rennaisance, when people travelled all around the globe. People believed allot in other human races those days, in fact, Columbus began to hestitate if the country he discovered was really India, because he didn't see any blemmiae (a race of people without heads, and faces on their chests, people believed they lived in India). However, later explorers said that they saw giants that could shoot arrows out of their bellybuttons in the New World.

But of all the human races people came up with the cynocephali are the worst in my opinion. I prefer to get shot by a bellybutton-arrow over getting eaten alive by dog people.
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