sketch sieben: anakim Picture

another dready schoolday sketch. oh, but i do love it so.

anakim, also called nephilim (amd rephaim, but that's questionable), are the children of angels who took wives of the daughters of man. they are mentioned in the bible (genesis) and the torah and possibly other mythology. depending what bible translation you have, they might be called the giants, or they might be called nephilim. if you want to read more about it, here's wikipedia.

jakby kto nie zrozumial
aniol + kobieta = anak (l.m. anakim)
inaczej zwany gigantem, upadlym lub nefilimem. oprocz biblii (w ksiedze rodzaju), sa wspomniani w torze oraz prawdopodobmie w mitologii innych kultur. Wg. wikipedii polskiej anakim odegrali role prometejska w wielu kulturach. w biblii raczej terroryzuja ludzi, a potop byl po to, zeby sie ich pozbyc.
to by bylo na tyle jesli chodzi o lekcje kulturowa.

to me, personally, the concept (because i have to admit i forgot the name for a while) stuck as a label for these demi-human parts and creatures, such as above.
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