I Need Another Journal Picture

Another stab at my Thumbelina fancharacter Cecil. I'm still working on his design. Here I made him a brown long-eared bat, which are pretty cute. I do still kinda want to make him like, one of those ugly bats, with the big giant flaring nostrils, just because I rather want him to look a little scary even though he's like this total nerd. I like the goatee thing I have going on here, but I want him furrier, like, shaggier. Because he's supposed to look pretty disheveled. Maybe cover his eyes more with his hair. Also I think his backpack will have to be on a single diagonal strap rather than two regular ones because...how could a bat wear a regular backpack anyways? I dunno, I'll work on it.

Anyways I drew this in celebration of my final completion of my Thumbelina fic I've been working on since 2004.
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