Loki ADULT - Chibi Maker - Reference Picture

"I'm a sacastic gentleman!" i think that's what Loki thinks X3
(Reference is for his god form)

Name: Loki Laufeyson
Gender: Male
Species: God
Age: 27 Human years (Who knows how many god years?)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin: Pale

Cold and easily irritated, loves to tease and prank people.
Often sacastic and well known for his Silver Tounge.
Then Loki got a bad day, every fear his sharp tounge.
If insulted, its often about his son Sleipnir who he is the mother of or his son Fenrir who is going to kill Odin.

Short Bio:
The God of Mischief in Norse Mythologi. As all the other gods, he lived in Asgard.
Odin found Loki, a frost giant baby (Who was fairly small for a giant) who also was son of Laufey, king of Frost Giants. He adopted the baby and raised him along with his real son, Thor. Loki lived in the shadow of Thor and thus created hate agianst him.

Laufey (Father)
Odin (Adoptive father)
Thor (Adoptive brother)
Fenrir (Son, father of)
Hel (Daughter, father of)
Jörmunganr (Son, father of)
Slepinir (Son, mother of)
Narfi (Son, father of)
Nari (Son, father of)
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