RAG ONLINE: He and His Poring Picture

<3 My scanner is working again! Sorry I haven't been commenting much. You know I love you, but I love being lazy more. /sob

Anyway. This is my ONE AND ONLY LOVE on RO; my Pirate Battle Acolyte; IVALDI! Named after the Giant in Norse Mythology whose two sons gave the gods really cool presents~! Isn't he so cute? He's nineteen or twenty, no one cares enough to know, and he's openly horny and bi~! He hits on everyone. Well. Almost. He's like, "HOLY SHIT LET ME CHECK IS THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY/GIRL REALLY TALKING TO ME!?" His favorite men are the Morroc Guards and his priest friend, and he falls in love with Novice girls very easily. :-= I love him. He's so much fun to play.

Plus, he's much stronger than my Swordsman, Juleus. *_* Lalala. Oh. That's right. WHO SAYS THAT PRIESTS GET TO BE THE ONLY ONE TO SHOW OFF THEIR ABS?! XO I mean, hello!! YOU STUPID ACO BOYS!1 YOU'RE BUTTONING UP YOUR GODDAMN ROBES! CUT LOOSE BABY, CUT LOOSE~ Like Iva. :-= Though I think he probably tailored his so it shows off MAXIMUM SKIN.

Anyway. That Pirate Bandana he's wearing made me broke. Bastard. BUUUT he's now a Pirate Priest who raids and steals and prays. AHAHA. WHAT THE CRAP, THAT'S TOTAL - oh, and that's a Matyr's Leash he's wearring. But the earring isn't REALLY an Earring, because those are so expensive.

Andd... That's his pet Poring, Socks. His Sakray friend gave it to him~ (though she CAME ALL THE WAY TO LOKI to give him stuff! ToT) She also gave him Socks, an Incubator, and a whole shitload of other gifts. :-= I love her.


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