Indrik the Beast Mecha Picture

This is an odd one. One night when I was jsut starting to drop off to sleep an image suddenly flashed into my head. So weird yet I liked it so much I had to quickly scribble down what i'd 'seen' so that I'd never forget it. The image was of a Carribean setting much like Eddie Guardo's stage of the Tekken 3 fighting game.

The thing that made it so strange, however, was that standing in that 'stage' area was what I've drawn now. I can see that alot of things have influences my mind to suddenly think up this thing. It's a giant mechanical goat/human hybrid. 'Gott' from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask springs to mind, but also the Spirit of the Forest from Princess Mononoke. Now, when I look at some of the details I realise the Virtual On video game series has had influence on its design.

Anyway, with that little story over, I decided to call this Indrik the Beast. A suiting name; Indrik the Beast is a great creature of Russian Mythology who was supposedly the king of animals. Not only that, but this character's body resembles closely to that of an Indricotherium. A huge prehistoric creature who's name derived from the Russian magical one.

If I ever do colour this, Ill colour it like it was in my dream. Navy, white and a shocking pink. Odd, but I'd love to see it.
I know his back legs are at a weird angle, but I like it that way. Makes it all the more unusual.
Hope ya like.
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