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Vega's Hawkmon has a new Perfect level in the Blackout story. :U



Name: Cetanmon (pronounced chee-TAN-mon)
Level: Perfect
Type: Ancient Bird, Giant Bird
Attribute: Virus
Field: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Wind Guardians


Superbolt: Produces a powerful bolt of lightning from its beak that flashes brightly, blinding and stunning opponents.
Red Sprite: The aftermath of Superbolt, in which the negative energy used to create the lightning is released from Cetanmon's body in a burst, extending outwards and spreading throughout the air to electrocute any airborne foes.
Astraphobia: Flies far above the clouds and then dives at breakneck speed, slamming into its opponents with a great force.
Supercell Genesis: Uses the air and water around it to create a thunderstorm for cover.
Hunter's Flight: Grabs opponent in its large talons and brings them on a violent flight, twisting and spinning around to disorientate them and prevent a struggle, then drops them from a height or slams them down into the earth to disable them.


A close relative of Garudamon, Cetanmon is built for high speed attacks and powerful flight. They are notable tricksters, using their size and great intelligence to bait and deceive Ogremon as a means of entertainment. Though not as physically powerful as their cousins, Cetanmon possess keen senses and are fast, formidable fighters, especially in the air. It is said that they are capable of creating violent thunderstorms and tornadoes, as well as fly through hurricanes and come out with nary a scratch on them. Their bodies are covered in sleek, crimson feathers, with armor-like scales upon their throats and wicked talons. While Cetanmon are Virus types, they seem to adhere to a moral code of their own, preferring to use their abilities for harmless fun rather than terrorize other Digimon. Not many were to be found after the great war between the four Sovereigns and Lucemon, and it is speculated that only a handful of these Digimon managed to survive.


"In Lakota mythology, Čhetáŋ is the hawk spirit and is associated with the east and the qualities of speed, dedication and good vision." - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cetan - origin of the name

Evolution Line

Pururumon -> Poromon -> Hawkmon -> Aquilamon -> Cetanmon -> Ornismon
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