The Tiger and the Dragon Picture

Here we have a picture of 2 of the most powerful animal icons in oriental mythology, the Tiger and the Dragon. I have made pictures of two beasts based on a pair of creatures I have made for my Dungeons and Dragons game. The first is known as the Sacred Tiger. stronger and more powerful then standard tigers by far, the sacred tiger lives only in secluded mountains of the orient, living far from human inrtusion along side golden faced monkeys, giant pandas and even the forest dragon (see below). The Sacred Tiger is so named because it is reveared as a sacred beast to the people of the area, and because it is the sacred beast of the Goddess Tiagra. A larger portion of sacred Tigers live in the plane of the Beastlands, in the divine realm of Tiagra.

The Forest Dragon is based on the creature of the same name seen of Animal Planet's "Dragons: a Fantasy Made Real". The Forest Dragon is a long and serpentine dragon that lives and hunts in the bamboo forests of the orient. It has no natural power of flight, instead using its wings and body to make incredibly long leaps. It can breath fire as well, but it is limited to creating it natrally with Hydrogen it stores up that helps reduce its weight for when it jumps.
Unlike many of the other dragons found in Zaldor and the rest of the world, the Forest Dragon and its related kin are not magical and intelligent beasts of incredible power. In fact, they are little more then animals, animals that have naturally mastered the use of fire, but little much else. It is entierly possible that True Dragons and thier ilk are the decendants of these animal dragons, mutated and changed by the strong elemental and magical energies that once spread across the world in prehistoric times.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the picture.
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