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new ref sheet for TJ! i hated my old one really badly because it had terrible anatomy and TJ deserves better. he used to be called my "fursona" when i didnt know any better but thats such a furry thing so idk what to call him. i guess hes just some kind of character im particularly close to. hes supposed to be based on some aspects of my own personality and i first created him in a dream where he played out his story. soooo thats where his design comes from and stuff. i remembered him as a lanky albino dog of somekind that has mange problems. his tag name is "albino hell husky" but hes not any specific breed ((it just sounds cool)). hes also called Apocalypse TJ.

hes always a tough character to draw digitally for some reason xP i never seem to draw him with the right attitude he needs to have to be him. hes one of my most commonly drawn characters in my sketchbook and doodles, though. im just better with him when drawing with pencil, i guess P:

TJ is the main character of my story Silaurnginga Apocalyptica which is based on the plot from the dream where i first saw TJ. he once lived a happy life living in a small frontier town above the Arctic Circle until disaster struck in the form of disease and he was suddenly alone. he blames the Waheela ((a beast from Inuit mythology)) for the deaths of his town because he believes they were the ones who caused everything to happen. he goes out to seek revenge, but is too weak while he is alone, but then he comes across a mixed pack of canines who call themselves Silaurnginga who believe the world is ending, so he joins them for strength and their powers, but things are not as simple as they seem. will the stubbornness and self-destructiveness of the Silaurninga open TJ's eyes so he could see the wrong in his ways?

personality-wise, TJ is hot-headed, stubborn and independent, but he is also tactical enough to know when its time to retreat. hes also insanely loyal to his original owner so he is highly vengeful against who he believes the perpetrators are. he doesnt have any loyalty towards Silaurnginga, though he does make semi-alliances with a few of the other members, mainly a half-shunka Warak'in ((another mythology beast)), half xolopsy ((a canid creature i made based on mythology)) named Zuccone. TJ is also a very aggressive fighter who shows no mercy. he has no reason to be merciless since all he cares about is himself and those who are already dead.

design-wise, he actually has malformed anatomy due to being a stray dog. when he still lived with humans, he had a full fur coat and wasnt as skinny. dogs need to be taken care of and stray dog characters arent pretty P: so he isnt pretty.

TJ is anemic partly because of his special ability. he uses his own blood as a weapon so he needs to get beat enough to bleed a lot before he could really defend himself. but once hes bleeding, his foes are as good as dead because he controls his blood at very high speeds and does all sorts of crazy shit with it.

pic where hes doing his attacks:
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