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Melusine, born of a faerie mother was cursed to turn every Saturday night into a half serpent with devil wings because of a devious trick she pulled. Her own mother cursed her, but told her daughter that if she could find a man who would love her unconditionally and NEVER see her on Saturday nights, that she would lead a normal life. But if he ever did see her, she would be doomed to suffering loneliness forever.

And so Melusine wed a husband; a king, who loved her unconditionally and did not mind her one simple request; never seeing her on Saturday night when she bathed.

And so the marriage lasted long and happily, until one saturday night the king's brother asked the king, "how do you know she bathes alone?". The king brushed his brother off instantly, but the doubt in Melusine ebbed away his resilience, and the next saturday night, he snuck to the private chambers of his wife and threw the door open.

And there she was, half serpent, half beautiful woman. She cried out when she saw him, and he fell back in fear of the monster that lay before him.

"If only you could have waited one more night, we could have been happy forever." Melusine said, and she let out an other worldly cry and lept from the chamber window, wailing in pain as giant devil wings erupted from her back. No one ever saw her again.

~~ Kay so I read this a long time ago in a faerie book I have, and I know she isnt naked, be quiet. The book says she has blue and silver scales but I wanted to make this my own version. However, the illustration in the book does look nice, if I ever revisit this then i'll use the colors they have in the book. Anyway, I tried to be careful with gimp again, tell me how i did when you get back Steven ^-^;

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