Dark Hours Sketchdump 2: Assorted Kaiju 1 Picture

First of all, my good eraser officially died on me, as in, finally became too small to use, during the work on another piece I will upload after this one, so I wasn't able to correct errors as well as I usually can. The designs still fulfill their purposes, so I uploaded it regardless.

Above you are several tentative kaiju designs Dark Hours will feature, most of them during the Grorn and Unum arcs. Some I am rather smitten with, others not so much, so any help would be appreciated.

Top Left: Atomoth is a monster that emerges very early into the Grorn arc, before Grorn even appears. The idea is an homage to atomic age monsters of america, namely giant bugs. Lepidopterans are stale ground in kaiju, I know, but surprisingly little innovations have been exploited, and in truth there are hundreds of unique types and directions out there that have yet to be touched. The giant moth has elements of hornet moths, fireflies, glasswing butterflies, and beetles in his design, and is fairly traditional in the way things go. Some routes are tried and true for a reason, after all. I think the design needs some work still, so any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Oh and he has a larval form too, though I've yet to crank out a good look for it.

Top Center: One thing you'll notice if you look through my kaiju pool is that I rarely use extinct organisms. Call me a maverick for not exploiting one of the most common kaiju types, but all honesty I'm a little sick of people falling back on them all the time when there's so much out there now that works too. Every once in a while though, I get an idea based on an extinct creature that I can't ignore. This guy, Lylich, is one of them. The idea is that this guy is an opponent hell bent on defeating Grorn, a giant undead lystrosaur filled with the spirits of the extinct members of his species, whose death's Grorn was secretly responsible for. They are believed to have been 95% of the terrestrial population at one time, after all. He fights primarily with energy, physically speaking he's not very tough, and can possess other monsters to fight for him. His design is a tad too GAS-y at this point, so I'd really appreciate some help.

Top Right: Tercina is in many ways the western world's equivalent of Megoki and is something of a Manda for Grorn and Unum in their respective arcs. A massive, even by kaiju standards, Velvet Worm, she lives in a remote part of South America. Her body fluids are amazingly nutritious, and over time because of them life that died out elsewhere flourished and a lost world of sorts developed, which will appear a few times throughout the story. Her design will be simple, but any ideas on how to put things together works for me.

Middle Left: Gumoto is one of the kaiju of Japan, and a slightly different take on spider monsters compared to most of history. She's quite small by kaiju standards, and could be squashed underfoot, but she is quick, agile and light, and her feet have natural stickiness, so she often darts across the sides of buildings like a freerunner. She's built from a mix of jumping spider, trapdoor spider, tiger and giant hornet, and she's one of the designs that I have little qualm with. I am debating giving her wings, but its probably not going to happen. (the monkey head sticking out from behind her wasn't too my liking so he'll have to appear in full detail next time.
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