G Reborn OTOKAGE Picture

I know what everyone is going to ask me "who in the nine relms of Nores Mythology is Otokage?" well remember that part in the Movie King Kong vs. Godzilla were that one guy that complains about his corns in the english verson of the film was swinging a 5 foot long lizard by the tail, well that Lizard is named Otokage





Faro Island lizard


Height: 43 meters

Weight: 3,000 tons

Personalitiy: a Giant Terratorial animal


BIO: On the remote Farou Island, the TTV expedition feverishly searched the lush jungles for a legendary monster. As the team scaled the face of a towering mountain, a clap of thunder shook the crew and its native guides. The chilling squeals of the baby lizard called Ootokage sent Kinsaburo Furue into a frantic spasm. Flinging it around by the tail, frightened out of his wits, Kinsaburo was told by Osamu Sakurai to toss the lizard off the side of the precipice. The poor animal cried out in horror as it fell, and it was soon silenced by Osamu's firearm. Just as the shot was fired, the earsplitting call of another, much more fearful beast, echoed throughout the mountains of Farou. many years later Another Ootokage (a full ground one this time) was found and Mutated into a giant monsterous creature by Uzuma.




- Very fast on land

- Powerful jaws

- The young members of this species are very harmless

- Sharp tusks on the side of its face

Weakness: Compared with most of the other Kaiju he is not that strong.


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