LegenDex Entry No. 144 Picture

The Firebird.

A massive Bird which ignites on fire the faster it travels, Beginning as A Charcoal Grey during Idle glides, before igniting to Red, Orange, Yellow, White and finally Violet, it's hottest degree. The older a Firebird Grows, the more intense it's heat becomes. The Firebird was once dominated the Skies, but has since been hunted down to dangerously low numbers. Nowadays they are known to attack flying Airplanes, thinking they are rival Titan-Birds, and are known to violently burn through the Hull of passenger airplanes or incinerating fighter jets.

The Firebird generally leaves Humans be nowadays, as Humans have nearly destroyed their species. Humans were once prey to the mighty Firebirds, along with many other animals including Dolphins and Horses.

Firebirds can fly over great distances without directly needing to stop and Rest. Their giant wingspans can keep them aloft for hours at a time before they even begin to tire.

Firebirds are very difficult to find in the Modern world, but one might yet find them soaring over the Oceans...
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