Hito and Chochi Picture

Hitotsume-kozō are roughly the size of ten-year-old children, but otherwise resemble bald Buddhist monks. Their most distinctive feature, however, is a "single, giant eye peering from the center of the face, along with a long tongue."

Hitotsume-kozō are relatively harmless creatures, content to run about frightening people or telling loud people to "be quiet."

Chōchinobake ("paper lantern ghost") are a type of Tsukumogami ( the term is generally understood to be applied to virtually any object, “that has reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and self-aware.) The Chōchinobake in particular was created from a chōchin lantern composed of "bamboo and paper or silk.

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So yeah, thought I'd do something different and maybe do a few mythology based images.
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