Mina Picture

In the land of Hei-shu, a giant castle grew rapidly, home to the royal famiy and over 6000 servants of humans, elves, faeries and different animal/human hybreds. Mina was born to Juno, the head chef in the castle, and to Hiora, a maid. But to live the life of a simple servant girl was not enough for Mina. She wanted to learn how to fight...and how to win. But in her world, everything is against her. A propper woman was either sewing, knitting, or cooking, unless she was a maid of somesort, and then she would be attending to the nescesary chores. It was the men who fought. And a hybred of all the species! She had a better chance of ruling the world.

But running away...now that is an option...

ooc: Mina is a mega cool charrie in this book that i decided to write like just today. the entire thing happens in the worl Hei-shu. Mina is one of the main characters, along iwth this rebel leader dude (I need a name...any suggestions?) and this leapord names (need anothe rname...female). Yes, the lepord can talk
Hei-shu., Mina, and all other related characters (c) Silver Panther (night-rose-goddess) 2005, all rights reserved
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