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Valhalla is a female warrior whom was named after the heavens by her parents saying that with such a name will give her purity and keep her safe. Sadly in Asgard a different fate falls upon the Valkyrie of Fire Ildri. Her body found dead by Loki in front of Aura who was covered in blood, but what Loki doesn't know is that it wasn't Ildri. Aura tried to explain but Loki wouldn't listen the sight of his lover Ildri dead on the floor in a pool of her own blood has put him in a fit of Rage and sadness. Leaving half of Asgard in ruins and unable to kill Aura he decided to make a visit to Midgard, home of mankind. Loki's only reason to go to Midgard was to visit the Temple of Light home of Valhalla and those who worship Aura the Valkyrie of Light. Hoping to destroy any mention of her he will destroy any and all involved with Aura hoping to enrage her and kill her, but to no avail. Instead left a young six year old girl homeless and parentless. Valhalla parents were able to hide her before Loki reached the temple and hoping to fend of the temple, however no human can withstand the power of the gods and giants so many who fought back was killed and those who ran away were hunted down before they could even reach the temples gates. Learning of this tragedy Aura and the other Valkyries rushed to Midgard hoping to save those from the temple but they were too late every human there was already dead by the time they got there and Loki gone. Aura distraught by what she sees has failed those who worshiped her. Thinking all were dead Vitalia the Valkyrie of life and death sensed that there was still one more human still alive immediately Aura went to go look and found Valhalla hidden under the floorboards where her mother has hidden her. Valhalla was sadden to see her parents and the people she new dead she was deeply sadden but not angered. Knowing her parents would never come back her father taught her that vengeance is never the answer for it will always hurt the people around you instead of help. So instead of seeking vengeance she sought to train as a warrior by the Valkyries to help stop Loki from his path of destruction.

Chapter 1

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