Concept: The Swarm Picture

"United we stand..."

Records From Caeladon Archives

Small Demon Arthropod: 'The Drove' (Name Given By Low-Level Hunters During First Major Infestation)

Class: 1

Threat Level: Varies

Methods of Attack: Biting, Clawing, Sheer Numbers

Huntmaster's Remarks: If you ever find a Drove egg, destroy it. No one knows how these little hellspawns got up here but it's clear that they've flown under our radar for too long. Maybe it's their unthreatening appearance or pitiful bites, but we've taken them too lightly. See, what separates a drove from most other small demonic insects is its hive-mind mentality. One is no trouble. Two are easily dispatched. Three are still a breeze. Even four won't pose much of a challenge. But when swarms with well over fifty of the things start rushing you, you better run. They don't know much, but they do know how to pile up together and use the softness of their feathers to bounce and flow off of each other in whatever direction they please.

They can crawl up walls, use their dark plumes to hide in shadows, hang from the ceilings, and easily bury the unsuspecting soldier. Luckily these things are very skittish. If provoked they will call together other bugs and pile into a swarm, but if enough of their numbers are decimated they'll disband and flee. You have to smash their rough shell exterior, which will kill one instantly and release some sort of smoke. The smoke has no real effect on soldiers as far as we know, and the shells will eventually dust and blow away into nothing. Hard energy constructs are recommended for piercing the shell, but a hammer work in a pinch.

If you find one alone, kill it before it sees you. If it does see you, then it's time to start running.

Had this idea of a giant swarm of creatures a lot of giant swarms of little fuzzy things in media. Like Paper Mario. Or even Halo. So I drew this up.

Just a bit of world building. Introducing the Demon Hunters of Caeladon. Don't know why. Not sure if I plan to do much with them...maybe have them come after Claire or something. I dunno.
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