Sir Percival Picture

The last knight from the Listinol clan.
When Percival was a boy his brothers and dad all died in battle.
Her mother was afraid that he will follow his father's footpath and become a knight,
and they decided to give up their luxurous life and end up a farmer.
However Percival is destiny to be one of the 3 knights to discover the Holy Grail.
One fine day Percival met a retired knight.
The retired knight taught Percival about Chivary and told him about the round table.
Percival was exicited and is determine to travel to Camelot to seek seat in the round table.
And thus his adventure begins.
With some fool's luck, Percival soon become one of the most powerful knight of the round table.

Percival is a simple minded yet powerful Giant.
Being the last decedant of the Fisher King,
he is destiny to discover the Holy Grail.
I choose a jester hat for him, because he does has a lot of fools luck
The motif on his costume is not of Dragon,
but it is the scale of the questing beast.
One interesting part is that the description of the questing beast does represent a chinese mythology beast, ti xiu
I believe both of them are the same beast.
The questing beast plays an important part in Percival's power and life.
as it cannot be harmed or captured by anyone except by anyone of Percival's blood.
All male family in Percival's clan can summon the questing beast and draw its power to assist them in battle.
The 2 barrel in his back are actually magical container that store the questing beast.
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