Xalisa, the Northern Dial Picture

Organization XIII OC, the youngest sister of 4:

Name: Xalisa
Codename: The Northern Dial
Age: 18
Elment: "Hour of Wolf"*
Weapons: Primary - her shadow**, secondary - Pocketwatch***
World: Twilight Town

Her codename is mostly based in her origins and the fackt that she doesn't go anywhere without her pocketwatch.

The special attack (or "final form"), that can be achieved via her trhee shadow minons, is named Xyoutsuu. A "giant" wolflike nightmare creature that carries a huge watch on its waist. Xyoutsuu also has chackles on its ankles, but unlike Xalisa, Xyoutsuu has a chain combining the chacles togeather...

*= A certain moment in the night, about near 03:00 am, when it's believed that most people die and born. It's also the coldest, calmest and darkest moment of the night, when wolves usually are believed to hunt. Humans are also most wounrable in this moment; example the heart beat is on it's lowest and dream state is the deepest...

**= Like Zato-1 in the GGX, Xalisa cand controll her shadow in the form of three wolves,which are named Rhxou (ruho="Body"), Xrampa (rampa="Cripple") and Perixokea (perisokea="Allblind"). In finnish mythology there are three brothers Ruho, Rampa and Perisokea, which were believed to couse diceases and accidents.

***= Pocketwatch can be transformed into a sword or "a disk". A special attack can also be unleached via the clock: the tree shadow wolves can be called into the clock and will transform Xalisa into Xyoutsuu (Lumbago in japanese), a giant (ok, not so giant) wolf like creature. (<= There was believing that Ruho, Rampa and Perisokea could cause a lumbago, when they attacked humans togeather.)

Xalisa, Xyoutsuu and their desings (c) to me!
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