MH: Death by Birth 04 Picture

“Hey ho, what do you know. Der Erlfürst has come home. The prince has no where else to roam!”

The creature continued to sing similar things as it lead them deeper into the garden like court yards; his lyrics drew out various smaller fairy and imp like creatures from various nooks and crannies. But she didn’t pay attention to any of that. She was turned around in her seat starring at the stoic blonde wide eyed.

“Der Erlfürst??” her voice squeaked a little; she might not have known enough German, but that sure sounded a lot like…

“Germanic for the earl prince,” he translated.

“Yeah, as in…”


The creature’s voice caught both of their attentions now as they stopped. Before them was a mossy curtain that was drawn back, and behind it was a great throne of woven thorns with an elk head at it’s top. And sitting in it was a large dark elf, crowned with many great horns.

“Der Erlkonig.”

“Or as I address him,” Lukas’s voice was low and devoid of emotion. “Father.”


And there you have it. That is why Lukas is the Prince of Thorns. That is why he does not spend more time with his father. That’s why his hair turns white (though not why his skin does…that was before I made him a dark elf…might change him to turning dark). The Earl King is also the Winter King, thus also why he has an easy time with the cold atop his frost giant heritage.

Why the Earl King? Because he is one of my favorite literary characters and shares traits with many others I like, like King Oberon, the Great Ak, the elven king from Hellboy. Plus, I’m a fan of the webcomic Roommates my *AsheRhyder and in there Jereth is the son of the Earl King, and I also adore Jereth, however, that being said I then went and made him a dark elf (which I also like) which doesn’t make him being related to Jereth make sense (not directly at least, all the royals are distantly related after all). I had actually at first toyed with the idea that Jereth was his father, since there is somewhat of a resemblance (plus my doll in the cape looked like him
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