Titan Wars File 006-Arassa Picture

Titan Wars File-006
(Proteus titanus- Versatile Titan)
Titan Group-Natural Guardian (Neutral)
ATS Danger Level-Beta Level (Yellow Threat)
Date of Discovery- May 3, 2007
Location of Origin-Moutiors, France
Length: 95meters (285 feet)
Weight: 24,500 tons
Biology: Arassa is, like her sister titan Dahu, is another animal that has grown to become titanic in size for unknown reasons. The mighty amphibian lies in the same family grouping as the cave dwelling Olm, which is found deep in the caves of the Alps and other mountainous areas of Europe. It is believe that Arassa, or one like her, is responsible for the European mythological creature known as the Tazelworm.
Arassa’s body is unique for an amphibian because, unlike the rest of her species, she is not totally water dependent. She can live in very moist or wet environments very long periods of times, but is very weak when in dry and sunny areas. Her gills have now seem to be more of a display instead of a breathing though, which is very interesting in amphibian evolution. Also, her forelegs are more developed and her hind-legs which may hint to her underground river life-style, but now since she’s on the surface she seems more shy against water. She has a weak eyesight, but her sense of smell is superb. She has an unique featured in her evolution where she is able to spew out a bioluminescent goo that usually can render its enemies trapped. Her diet is mostly vegetation, but has been known to eat occasional livestock.
Histoy: Arassa was first seen tumbling down the French Alps gridlocked in battle with the giant ibex Dahu. After their battle in Moutiors, France; Arassa began to travel around most of central Europe, usually traveling by underground rivers. She eventually nest in Paris, France. She tends to live underground in the city’s now flooded metro. She was controlled by the Extraterrestrials in the Exodus of the Titan Wars, but was captured and sent to live the rest of her life on the Titan Isles, where she made her new territory near an underground lake at the base of one of the mountains that Dahu lives.
Personality: Arassa is a very somewhat peaceful titan. She tends to be kept to her self most of the time, but usually she hibernates and patrols her French home with a fierce protection. She has a very neutral temperament towards some species of Natural Guardians and a few of the Mythos. She has a fierce rivalry against Dahu and due to their home on the Titan Isles, have been known to battle over the territory fiercely. Her views on humans are somewhat mute, as she usually doesn’t like to fight the machines of man and be kept at peace.
*Bioluminescent Goo
*Flexible body
* Skin is very rubber-like (can resist electricity)
*Strong bite
*Can dig, but not very well
Weakness: Can’t be in arid environments and weak eye sight.

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