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So sonderjen asked me recently to try and count all my characters. HAHAHAHA not gonna happen. D:

What I will do, however, is talk about my top three favorite critters, because I'm a bad mother who loves some of her children more than others.

Kenta: Kenta is a raccoon dog, or tanuki. I fell in love with this species and the mythology around them after seeing the Studio Ghibli movie Ponpoko. In case it wasn't obvious, I am indeed a huge anime nerd. I wanted to make a character lampooning some of the less desirable fan types that I'd come across during my time as an 'otaku', and a raccoon dog seemed like the perfect species to use.

The thing that is most important to remember about Kenta is that his opinion is ALWAYS the right one. Anyone who thinks otherwise is N00B. Also, women should stick to that icky yaoi stuff because they can't possibly appreciate Giant Robot Show With Lots of Bouncing Chests And Explosions like he can.
Hester: In the interest of full disclosure (as it seemed to confuse a few people in the past who suggested I was just copying Drowzee from Pokemon), both Hester and Drowzee are based on the Chinese/Japanese/Korean mythology that tapirs eat dreams. I will never claim I thought up the dream-eating tapir thing out of the clear blue. Promise.

Hester's color scheme (baby puke green, orange, yellow, and tan) is all because I fricking love those colors that were so popular in furniture schemes from the 70s. The bathroom in my old Sunday school had this exact same scheme. Bright orange bathroom stalls. It was beautiful. Baby puke green needs to make a comback. As for the plaid ears -- I loved the use of plaid to add to the surreal feeling of the pink elephants scene in Dumbo. So for me plaid has always had a very surreal quality to it, and since Hester's a pretty surreal character it fit.

Her name comes from a knocked-over tombstone in an old graveyard in the town I grew up in. It's got a very old-fashioned somewhat creepy quality to it.

Noxious: I first drew Noxious as a human with skunk-like features back on Y!Gallery a couple years ago. Skunks are probably one of my favorite animals-- I very badly want a domesticated one as a pet, but they're quite illegal in the state I live in.

Nox's story is that back in the 80s he was part of a wildly popular heavy metal band. Unfortunately as soon as the decade died so did their fanbase and now he's mostly a surly drunken has-been with little to his name but scads of illegitimate children. Quite a delightful fellow.

I hope this has been educational for someone somewhere. If not... I really have fun drawing chibis so not a complete loss. :B
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