Pardon My Awesomeness Picture

And excuse my giant fists of whoop-ass.
So yes, I am in love with Generator Rex. My favorite character is definitely Agent Six--I just can't get enough of those tall, quiet, bad-ass types. But the show itself has a great mythology and overarching story line that proves really entertaining. Plus those action scenes are so great!
Anyways, I finished this a week or so ago, but just now decided to upload it. I actually kind of like the way it turned out. Some of the details maybe not be completely accurate, since I drew a great deal of this from memory. I used good quality paper for this, so the colors turned out nicely, too. Next up, Agent Six! I just need to ink and color him!
And on a side note, I hope I can crank out a good deal of drawings during the summer since I don't have to worry about homework. I need to practice and get better!
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